What Women Want – Mercy Johnson Shares Insight On Relationships

Averagely, the list of what most women would readily say they want in a relationship is endless. They want honesty, love, care, respect, commitment, and all the good stuff that a romantic relationship should be.

But in reality, the unhappiness most ladies experience gives a totally different vibe when you think about it.

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What Do Women Really Want In Relationships?

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Superstar Nollywood actor, Mercy Johnson seems to know all the details and is ready to share all the tea on what women want in relationships. In a recent Interview, the Actress spoke about relationships, marriage and family.

On what women want, Mercy Johnson had this to say:

I have a problem with us pegging it to one thing. Because people have needs. It’s like one of the hardest institutions ever. For me, I want a lot of things and it is never perfect or rosy anywhere. Me, I want commitment. I want honesty; I want us to work at it together. It shouldn’t be like a one-sided thing. You know, when it comes to an issue or an institution like marriage, I say different things work for people differently so I can’t say these are the three things people who look up to me would want to look out for.

I say different marriages have different ethics that work for them. You know, one thing that I have learnt after the death of my mum would be that one thing that every marriage needs would be forgiveness. That’s one thing that will hold every home together because offence will always come.

Offences always come but your ability to look past them, you know, is what makes you move from one day to the next. They don’t change. So if what he does before is something you don’t like, I don’t think you should stay because they don’t change. It’ll only get worse when he’s more comfortable. So, basically, I’ll say men don’t change. That character he exhibits is just who he really is. Like, the monster you see at the end of it all, is who they really are. So if you know that you can’t stick to that attitude, then just walk away.

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What do you think about this pensive words on relationships? Do you agree with Mercy Johnson on this? Let us know by using the comment box below.

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