Watch: How Two LASPOTECH Girls Were Assaulted for saying this…

On Campus Gist today, two LASPOTECH Girls were reportedly assaulted by an unknown guy over some comments they made.

In the few seconds video, we can’t verify if the ladies said anything during the recording or before the recording.

But we can clearly confirm that the ladies who reportedly attend Lagos State Polytechnic (LASPOTECH) were slapped several times by the man.

He could be heard saying in pidgin English “Una dey do 150K hair, Una think say you get level”

Meaning “The ladies had hair attachments worth 150k and that’s why there were pompous”

Was the guy envious?

That we don’t know but according to reports, the guy was said to have assaulted the ladies because they insulted his mother after he called them “prostitutes”

Here are few comments from Nigerians on the assault of the LASPOTECH girls

Over to you guys…what do you think should be done to the guy?

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