Twitter Reactions To South Africa’s Xenophobic Attacks

The Xenophobia in South Africa didn’t start today. It is not uncommon for owners of land to feel threatened when they perceive some sort of overtaking of their economy by foreigners.

But Is That What Nigerians In South Africa Are Doing?

Nigeria is among the top list for creative countries of the world, having a hardworking concept to achieving things, it is generally not surprising why South Africans feel threatened by them. This year alone, there have been multiple cases of South Africans attacking Nigerians ‘for taking over their community’ amongst other things which are not true.

Let’s look at the Twitter reactions on this issue:

“You won’t find South Africans in other countries dominating a city up to 80%… we cannot surrender South Africa to foreign nationals.”

South Africa Deputy Minister of Police Bongani Mkongi

Is this an excuse for killing Nigerians?

What Nigerians Are Saying About This

What is the government doing about this?

I could go on and on with several tweets, but it will only make me feel sadder. Nigerians deserve better at home and away from home!

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