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The Busola Dakolo’s Rape Story & Why It’s blowing up Twitter Nigeria

What do you think about the #metoo movement?

Well, if you are wondering what the “me too” movement is, here’s a brief description: The #metoo movement is when someone comes out and says, ‘yes, it happened to me too’ after some other person has already started a conversation about a sensitive issue.

That is the case in this tea we have for you today on your number one student magazine. Recall earlier when Timi Dakolo called out Biodun Fatoyinbo as a rapist?

In a recent interview with YNaija, wife of singer Timi Dakolo shared her experience at the hands of the alleged rapist and pastor.

Watch the video below:

Rape is a very sensitive topic in mainstream Nigeria and the world in fact, so let’s look at what Nigerians had to say about this issue.

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busola dakolo

Twitter Reactions

There are some people who are taking sides with ‘the victim’, others are pushing against the #metoo movement while others are just trying not to pick a side… Here are a few tweets that caught our attention.

And apparently, there may be a protest at the COZA auditorium this Sunday…

So this tweet from a member of the church is calling out against the issue of rape by Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo.

Also, there’s been cases involving men too, Now this is getting a lot more interesting.

So that said, it’s safe to say that this is a story that is going to be on for a while. We promise to give you update on every step of the way.

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