Suicide, JAMB and The Chilling Story of Segun


Adekunle Gold’s Fame was playing in the background as Segun opened and poured a bottle of the insecticide, “Sniper’ into a cup and drank.

Segun was staring straight into the camera as peeps on Twitter begged him to see a reason to live but he continued to drink until the last drop. (Video is at the end of this post)

Why did he do it?

Segun drank poison for one single reason; he failed JAMB (Joint Admission Matriculation Board) Exams.

But before you hiss and press the close button.

How about you read the story of this 21-year old as narrated by Segun himself.

Lost his father at the age of 6. His mother who is a primary school teacher didn’t want to remarry but was pressurized into remarrying by her mum.

She eventually got married and she gave birth to three children.

Making them four altogether but the marriage was not a blissful one as Segun’s mum and his step-father were always engaged in one form of conflict every single time.

Finally, the marriage broke up.

Leaving Segun’s mum with 4 mouths to feed on a primary school teacher’s salary as the step-father was not forthcoming with help.

So, seeing all the trouble the mum had to go through to take care of the four of them, Segun decided to fend for himself after finishing secondary school.

He found a job at a pharmacy and after a year, his mother persuaded him to further his education assuring him she was going to take a loan to further his education.



So he got his JAMB form with his savings and wrote his first JAMB in 2015.

He passed the JAMB exam, passed the Post-UTMe, but wasn’t picked in the end.

So he tried again in 2016 but didn’t pass.

Then he tried again in 2017, this time he applied for medicine and fortunately he passed and got admitted.

But Segun’s story took a bad turn again.

He resigned from work and was set for school. His mom had applied for loans but her request were rejected every time.

The Ogun state government had put a ban on loans.

Segun’s mum tried everything until the Ultimatum for the acceptance fee elapsed.

It was back to square one.

Segun went back to his former place of work and reapplied, but the position was taken.

Segun’s mum married another man and took the three other children with her.

Segun didn’t move in with his mum.

He probably thought, how could he live his with mother and ruin her chances of a happy home?

So he decided to strike it out alone.


Segun lived alone for 8 months until frustration and depression set in. When it became unbearable.


So he went on Twitter to seek help and a few people decided to help. One Twitter user @thepamilerin and a friend volunteered to sponsor Segun’s education.

At last, a ray of hope was about to shine on Segun’s dark cloud.

It seemed God had finally said “Amen” to his prayers but an unfortunate incident happened.

Segun failed JAMB. His scored was 167!

For Segun, this meant he had failed.

This meant, he had blown his only chance of ever going to school

For Segun, this meant he was an unserious person to the tweep who wanted to help him

There was nothing anyone could tell him, Segun believed he was a failure

And the most painful thing for him was the fact that he had finally failed his mother.



Here is tweet before the suicide video;


Segun barred all calls and tweeted the last time before he made this suicide video at 9 pm

At first, it was reported that he wasn’t responding to treatment but it was finally confirmed that he had responded.

We wish Segun a safe recovery and all the luck in the world.

Suicide is never an option.

We will give updates as the story develops.

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