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Student Entrepreneur Spotlight – ‘Taiwo Ogunfile’

A look at Nigeria today, we can clearly see that young people are working really hard to make a difference in their communities.

With the rise of many student entrepreneurs in our universities today, it is only reasonable that we recognize them. In this week’s edition, we are featuring another student from the University of Lagos, Akoka.

Student Entrepreneur

Meet Taiwo, the 400-Level Microbiology student who is also a graphic designer. A graphic designer on a mission to put smiles on the face of his clients and everyone who sees his work.

In a very interesting meeting with him, the young creative hinted that Microbiology is slowly becoming his ‘plan B.’ Having been Inspired by his elder brother who is also a graphic designer, Taiwo has huge plans for his craft:

I was actually inspired by my brother who is actually better than myself, he eventually left graphics design for web designing and that kind of thing. From there, I started making comics and some other illustrations

Taiwo Ogunfile

It was a very interesting time with this youngster and even more interesting to find out that he self-taught himself more than half the things he knows.

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Student Entrepreneur Of The Week

It wasn’t really easy for me at first, but I think I already had a foundation, thanks to my elder brother…(Laughs) and thanks to YouTube

Taiwo Ogunfile

One major challenge many of these student entrepreneurs have is combining work and studies and in Taiwo’s case, it can only get better.

I usually just know when I’m supposed to be working and when I’m supposed to be reading. The day time is school time for me and by night is where I mostly do my designs… But there’ve been days where I had to design in class too.


Taiwo believes his designs are basically to get his clients and everyone smiling. A thing which is very much needed in a world full of pressure from here and there.

When Taiwo was asked to say a few words about Vasiti, he had this to say:

I think Vasiti is a platform that every student entrepreneur should be taking advantage of. Also, it’s a very nice thing you guys are doing and I really love it.


He went on to say that his plan for his brand (O.G Digital) is to grow into the top-rated media & publishing firm in Nigeria.

Again, it was a really amazing time with Taiwo and a very interactive one at that. Want to connect with Taiwo?

Check Out His Store Here

Get Connected With Taiwo on Instagram.

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  1. OG, I knew from the beginning that ya going to surprise us all, positively to say! Keep making your clients happy!

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