Student Entrepreneur Spotlight – Precious Onuchukwu.

Entrepreneurship isn’t all about money, however, making money is a huge part of it. Many students go into entrepreneurship not just to make impact but also to make money. This week’s student entrepreneur spotlight is on Mr Precious Onuchukwu:

My name is Precious Onuchukwu, I’m a student of university of Lagos. 

I sell jewelries and some other fashion accessories online with the Instagram handle as @drip.box.

He didn’t have to think too far or dwell too much on what exactly he wanted to go into as an entrepreneur, his family business already laid a solid foundation for him: 

It’s more like a family business, so I decided to key into it.

Building a customer base can be tricky, especially when you are just starting out as an entrepreneur; here’s how he did it:

I build my customer base through Instagram promotions, through the promotions it gets to reach a wider audience and I get customers through it.

Speaking on the challenges he faces and how he’s been able to withstand them, he said,

Yeah there are some challenges I face, sometimes even after the promotions I still don’t get customers but patience is the key.

Running a business can be very tasking; and student entrepreneurs have to run their businesses and also focus on school. Here’s how Precious does it:

Sometimes it’s quite difficult because the best deals come when you have a class or a test so you just have to risk one of them.

But generally, it’s okay.

Speaking about his support system, he said,

I have a good support system so far; Both my parents and my friends are supportive.

He added,

Most of my customers are my friends

Precious had this to say about Vasiti.com;

Yeah I have, it’s a nice platform for young entrepreneurs like students to learn how to trade and make profit at a young stage.

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