Student Entrepreneur Spotlight – Osinowo Matthias

While we have many people who are curious and passionate about meeting the needs of others, Our student entrepreneur for this week happens to not only be interested in meeting these needs but also passionate about what he does.

In a very close conversation with him, I can easily say that he’s not just an entrepreneur but a solution provider. Meet Matthias Osinowo, the final year Physiotherapy student that’s providing solutions with what he does.

Student Entrepreneur Spotlight

Matthias is a 23 years old product designer and footwear developer and medical student. Growing up with a passion for art and what it means to be creative, He fell in love with the idea of infusing art to his creative effort of making shoes.

I fell in love with art growing up and as a creative in the product design space, I can express my art easily with what I do. It’s quite a personal thing to me. I followed my passion and here I am making elegant footwears. Providing lasting comfort for everyday performance and pushing the agenda of ‘Made In Nigeria’

Matthias Osinowo
Mathias Footwear

Having been featured on several platforms, ‘The Mathias Footwear’ brand is among the few brands that largely screams made in Nigeria.

Here’s How This Entrepreneur Is Providing Solution On Campus

Mathias Footwear

Now, as we all know, it’s never easy combining business with studies. Handling the very important daily activities that grow the business and finding a balance with studies can be extremely tricky. Here’s how the final year medical student go about it:

Well, for the most part of it, it’s never easy. The only way I go about this is mostly planning. You have to just plan even for as far as a month if you want to combine the two. It’s never just easy. You get?


While many Nigerian students leave the university and find themselves doing something entirely different from what they studied in school, Matthias is still very much passionate about physiotherapy and hopes to practice someday.

There is never any perfect start for any business, there will always be the ups and the downs but having the right enthusiasm is all it takes to kickstart that thing you are passionate about.

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A lot of creatives inspire me. High-end brands like Vivienne Westwood and Tods, Made in Africa footwear brands like T.T Dalk and Thandos. The list is actually long, the Key thing is, believe in oneself and knowing that you can’t do anything with all the inspiration if you are not ready to work.


A lot of times, many students start something off on campus just to get buy, make a bit of money and just survive; But is that really enough? To just survive the harsh years of the University? Only a few students are doing things to solve problems in their little community. For Matthias, it’s all about making shoes that give it’s wearer a feel of belonging.

By making shoes that not only pose comfort and originality of the Nigerian fashion space, Mathias Footwear also screams friendly prices that you can always trust.

On a final note, he encourages other students entrepreneurs to stay consistent and dedicated to their craft, network more and put themselves out there.

For Vasiti, here’s what he had to say:

I honestly had no idea that there’s a platform like this for students like me. It is highly refreshing to know that this exists and I am honestly grateful for the opportunity.

Student Entrepreneur Spotlight – Matthais Osinowo

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