Robbers Disguised As Security Men Injure A Student

A Nigerian student cries out after getting wounded by robbers disguised as security men.

Saying the robbers were acting as security men as they held a bright torch to avoid any suspicion. 

He also claimed to have screamed when the robbers tried seizing his bag. The bag contained his laptop and bag after getting hit on the head but was rescued by neighbours.

Nigerian Student Cries Out After Getting Wounded By Robbers Disguised As Security Men

He wrote:

“I was lynched yesterday night by robbers who were acting under the guise of security men, i think the issue with the village security should be looked into. Its easier for robbers now to just hold a bright torch and then call you and rob you, that system has been effective so far as i know some people who’ve been robbed that way, thanks to God i screamed when they were about to seize my bag that contained my laptop and phone and in the struggle, one hit meeh on the head with something and continued hitting meeh allover as i still refused to let the bag go, thanks to the screaming they had to bail as people started coming out. We all should be careful, especially with the security men.God help Us.”

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