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Nigeria Vs Guinea: How Eagles Played & Why Alex Iwobi is trending

On trending today, we have no other issue other than the African Cup of Nations Match that was played today between the Super Eagles of Nigeria & the National Elephants of Guinea.

If you are about to close this page thinking this is a football post.

You might be wrong

So hold on and read till the end.

Back to the match currently trending on Twitter at the moment..

In case you missed it, the match ended 1-0 with Kenneth Omeruo scoring the only goal of the match.

Here is the goal.

If you still think this is one of those sports post, you still might be wrong.

Because here’s why it’s not.

Although Nigeria won the match and have qualified for the round of 16.

Nigerians are still not pleased.

Especially ones on Twitter and they are displeased with no other player than Arsenal man, Alex Iwobi.

Here are some of their thoughts on Alex Iwobi’s performance during the match;

The first one is from the Popular Mazi “I piss Vodka”

He surely did as you can verify from this next tweep

He even added a bit of shade for Arsenal fans. Arsenal fans catch your sub.

This tweep below had to go “Political” with it.

He is probably from Ogun state.

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This dude does not like IWOBI! Simple!

If you are a feminist reading this, you are free to judge this next fella.

No wonder!

No wonder! Ask an Arsenal Fan

Low Blow! This one

But luckily, we found someone who stood up for Iwobi!

Must be an arsenal fan

Did you watch the match? Let us hear your thoughts in the comments section

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