Monday Motivation

Monday Motivation – Our Five Power Tweet This Week

Monday Motivation

It’s another Monday Motivation post, and yes I know you wish the weekend could be longer, but sorry, that’s not the case.

It’s so unfair, right? Five working days and just two days for the weekend, but hey, we all need to work for many reasons.

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While you may feel unmotivated to work this week, we have compiled five powerful Tweets that will get you started for the week.

Today on our Monday Motivation post, we bring you Twitter motivation. With a round up of five powerful motivational tweets, we found on Twitter and as is our custom: ‘every good thing must be shared‘ Just as I trust you’ll share this.

Dr Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa

This week, all you may just need is focus, diligence and perseverance to make and meet that extra mark in your career or studies.

Dr Dipo Awojide

Learn to be responsible as in the end, you’re All You’ve Got. Stop pointing fingers and looking for whom to blame.

Girl Kiwi

So this Twitter user is pensive in her call for the need of a positive attitude to almost any situation you’re into.

Caroline Mutoke

Fear is often regarded as what drives every other human feelings, and also what limits human begins. Conquer that and you’re unstoppable.


A call to live in the moment. You can not change yesterday; you don’t know what tomorrow holds, All You’ve Got is now.

That’s our Five powerful tweets to get you inspired for the week… The key to always remember is this: when you are feeling down and like you can’t go on, look back on how far you’ve come. Do you see any difference? Feeling motivated already?

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