Campus Gist – Late Night Robbery In UI Leaves Students In Shock

Late Night Robbery In UI

A few hours ago, some unidentified men attacked and robbed the Awolowo hall of residence at the University of Ibadan.

The major blocks affected were Block B and C. The Thieves raided the hall around the period of 1 am.

There were also several allegations of kidnapping and stabbing during this raid by the unidentified people.

Campus Gist UI

While some students were in shock that this was happening, a few other students alerted the campus security ‘Abefele’ who arrived an hour after they were called.

Campus Gist Ui

Many students believed that the thieves had charms with them as they successfully talked victims to giving them their properties without questions.


Campus Gist

There are also reports of students slapping other students believed to have been charmed back to consciousness. The VC, Prof. Abel Idowu Olayinka later came to the hall to address the issues.

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