Quick money in Nigeria

The Best Jobs For Quick Money In Nigeria

So you are a Nigerian Student or just a regular 9-5 worker after school and you want that extra income to help you survive the University?

Well, worry no more. This post will shed light on the ‘not-too-hard’ jobs you can do as a student.

Making Quick Money In Nigeria

Whether you’re still on campus or just enjoying a break after exams or you have just graduated, there are jobs that you can do that will pay you real quick.

I’m not talking about quick money in all the wrong places, but things that you can easily do without stress. Now without wasting any more time, let’s dive right into it.


Quick Money In Nigeria

This is probably the fastest way to make money and I’m not talking about a monthly salary thing. Ushering jobs pays you really fast! So you want to keep your ears down for one event or the other to find out if you can usher at the event… Extra money for you.


Image result for Nigerian lifeguard

If you are a swimmer, this one is just perfect for you. It’s pretty easy to locate a pool that is running the course and training people how to swim. The beauty of this qualification is that there is always a demand for lifeguards anywhere you go, and the payment is quick!

Content Writing/Web Management

Quick money in Nigeria

You can either take this one freelance or stick with a specific company as a part-timer or temporary contributor. Some companies will pay you per article.

This is great if you’re a good writer or have some software skills and are handy on the internet. This job also looks great on the CV as employers are thirsty for creative people with good computer and software skills.


Image result for tutoring

If you are smart, no, really smart, then why are you not doing this already? You can do this offline or online, from the comfort of your own home. This is a proven way to get that quick money you want. You can even bill your clients hourly and watch the money flow into your account.

Delivery Agent

Image result for delivery agent

Another sure quick way to get quick money in Nigeria is by becoming a delivery agent/errand boy (girl). You can look for small scale business that is willing to pay you for your services and you can choose to bill them per successful delivery.

Paid Internship

These bad boys are incredibly useful! Helping you out in the long term by getting you the relevant work experience you can put on your CV and also earning you money… What a win-win! Of course, paid internships are a little harder to find, but you should usually be able to source some through the Internet.


Sometimes, it seems a little tough but if you take advantage of little things; You are evidently putting yourself in a position ready for the next big thing.

So if you can do any of the mentioned above, it would go on to help you at a later time in life; Especially those that appear professional.

At Vasiti, we are dedicated to helping student entrepreneurs become the best that they can be, on-campus and off-campus.

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I really enjoyed reading this… Very informative


You can also go and find a sales boy/sales girl job


Nice one.

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