Guess who is investigating Malpractices in This Year’s Jamb?

The police?


It’s the Independent Corrupt Practices and other Crimes Commission (ICPC)
Crimes Commission (ICPC) investigating all forms of malpractices that took place during the recently concluded 2019 JAMB exams.

The interesting part is that a member of the board, Olubukola
Balogun said that malpractice is an act of corruption it is the
the mandate of the anti-graft body to investigate by some of the candidates who were aided by their parents to get professional help.
“We are putting everything together for Jamb.

The Commission is going to know what happened and how we can prevent it in future,” she said.

She further declared that anyone found to be involved will be prosecuted.

This is the first time malpractices during the exams is going to be investigated.

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