#GloryOsei: Multiple Fraud Allegations And How Twitter Is Reacting!

If you do not know who Glory Osei is, or why #GloryOsei is trending, do not worry, this article’s got you!

The internet is ablaze with the news of the alleged multiple fraud that Glory Osei, and her husband, Muyiwa Folorunsho, perpetrated.

glory and muyiwa

Oh wait. People did not even know she was married.

Until Yesterday.

Gloria and her husband, Muyiwa, have been accused of fraudulent business practices, as well as unjust maltreatment of employees.

Also, apart from posing as a single feminist on twitter; These accusations range from running ponzi schemes to firing workers unjustly just to avoid paying salaries.

A former employee who goes by the username, @TherealAda_, exposed the two in a thread on twitter:

According to other sources, this scam has been going on since 2013!

In addition, Nigerians are having wild reactions on twitter:

Furthermore, #GloryOsei herself took to her twitter page to answer these allegations:

However, Nigerians are not convinced:

Well, this is clearly a case of do not believe everything on social media!

What are your thoughts on the #GloryOsei saga?

3 thoughts on “#GloryOsei: Multiple Fraud Allegations And How Twitter Is Reacting!

  1. I’m shook by these allegations! I can’t believe these two could do such a thing. Some people literally worshipped these guys

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