Avoid These Four Types Of Girls If You Are A Fresher

For some, being a “fresher is a time to live the house to explore the different hues of females”.

You cannot blame them; you see the university comes with an ever-flowing sea of girls. If you are not careful, you will join the plethora of boys who get their heart broken by “innocent-looking girls who just want to be anything but your girlfriend”.

Here are the kind of girls you should avoid in your first year if you are looking for a fun time:

La Campaign

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These ones are running for a post and you usually find them at your department or faculty.

They are usually the most smartly and smashily (not a word) dressed kind of girls you will find around.

Here is how to know them; if you answer that fresher question in the affirmative, the next thing they will ask is “How is course registration?”

They will shower you with so much attention that you will start thinking it is your freshness that is causing it. Na your vote dem want!


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For these ones, they are coming to you for recruitment. It is an exercise ordained by their individual fellowships.

Usually, they begin with helping out with your registration process (some will even go to the extent of helping you fill your forms).

After every kind deed, they ask for your name and contact, and you have no choice but to give them. He who has been watered must water, my dear brother.

Eyes On Fire


This is another name for the flirty ones.

For these, boyfriend is not their problem, in fact, they have their own boyfriend somewhere, but they are  looking for one young guy to toy with until they get bored and leave.

They can usually be found around the boys who have shown potential. Each time they spend with you is an investment to them when in truth you are the one doing the investment.

You can spot them after most intense classes, attending to that guy who just answered a question in class. Their most effective weapon of seduction is a hug. Mad, right?

Let’s Be Friends


This is my favourite category.

They are usually the ones you get close to, after some time, they start showing what you perceive to be a green light, then BOOM!, they drop the statement “We are just friends”. They are the cause of most heartbreaks among boys today. Often times, except you are incredibly lucky, you will not meet them. However, if you do, RUN! The mistake that most guys make is that they think she is playing hard-to-get. Guess what? They are not.

Extra-nice, Extra-sly


For this category, they will do everything that can appears like a green light; they have the tightest hugs, the most flowery words and they usually wait for you after every class to ask if you want to read.

These people can turn a sharp guy to a maga in seconds. They do not like you for anything that you can easily grasp, for example, the sound of your name (who does that?)

Some might even tell you they love you. However, at the end of the day, they are just being nice, or not!

That’s my list for girls you should avoid. Well, I know some freshers have been there before.

Let us hear your own story. Share your thoughts using the comment box.



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