FlashBack Friday

Flash Back Friday: This Compilation of Old Things Will Make You Nostalgic


That was what I felt when I saw this compilation.

This compilation was made by a twitter user @Zicdarealest.

The compilation comprises of a list of things every Nigerian has had or used once upon a time in their lives.

Play Video Below

Some of the items featured in the short video include old and a few new items.

1.) Cabin Biscuits

This snack was the staple at every birthday party or naming ceremony. They either gave you two, four, six or as much as it allowed.

2.) Robot Bubble Gum

This was probably the hardest chewing gum ever created.

The chewing gum wasn’t the fun thing about this candy but the wrap of the gum which all kinds of questions in it.

Sighs…the good o’l days.

3.) Rechargeable Lamp

This rechargeable was the thing!

It had a radio and a cassette player. Having it in your house at that time was almost a must.

4.) Okin Biscuit

This was one of my favorite biscuits ever.

Even when they reduced quantity, it still retained its quality.

5.) The Nokia Black & White

At a time when phones were first introduced Nigeria.

This phone was what the Iphone X is to Nigerians today.

One of the main features was the Snake game on the phone…people broke records of scores on this phone.

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6.) Baba Dudu

This was Nigeria’s very own number one chewy candy.

Some were hard thought but after all the licking it became soft.

We loved it…Did you?

7.) Mathematical Set

Having a brand new and complete mathematical set was the perfect showoff material.

And if you happen to lose an item or lose the set entirely.

Your parents were bound to tell your life’s history after some thrashing.

It was a precious academic item.

8.) Gold Spot

This was the thing at every party in the 2000s

Every child wanted have one to himself at every party.

Even adults loved it.

It was in competition with Mirinda & Fanta.

Now, over to you…what did we miss on this Flash Back Friday?

Just add yours in the comments section and we will update the list.

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