Five Times We’ve All Been A Hypocrite

Who isn’t a hypocrite these days?

Is there really anyone who walks the talk? While there may be a few (very few) people who practice what they preach, the other half is just outrageous.

Just admit it. We’re all hypocrites from time to time. Obviously, we try not to be, but it’s just human nature to slide back once in a while.

“Hypocrisy is the natural state of the human mind”

 Robert Kurzban, author of Why Everyone (Else) Is a Hypocrite.  

In this post, we would look at very relatable scenes where we have all been hypocrites at some points in our lives.

Money and The YOLO Lifestyle

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This one is very common with millennials. Half the time you find young people complaining about how broke they are and half the time; These same people are preaching the YOLO lifestyle.

I’m sorry, who’s fooling who?



Everyone is guilty of this. Many people will spend half the time on the Internet complaining about politics and all the ways they think it should be, but when the time comes for elections, they never come out to vote. Sometimes we even fail to perform our civic duties.

Complaining about ‘The plastic life’


Half the world is guilty of this… You say celebrities are living a fake life; ‘Kim Kardashian is so fake, Nicki Minaj is so plastic, Toke Makinwa bleached her skin, etc, yet you keep tabs on them, like their Instagram and all that.

The Environment


Word on the mouth of almost everyone these days is ‘go green’ we complain about the environment but we are often huge contributors to the problem; Ignoring recycling and basic healthy environmental tips.

Amazing Deals Just For You…


We all feel sorry for artists and creatives who are constantly complaining about piracy, but half the time we are looking for leaked albums and where to download the latest cinema hit movie.

In conclusion...

While we may respect our generation’s ambition to change the world, to use collective actions to turn laws and start change, we don’t always stand so collectively unanimous in our actions. There will always be that set of people going left when the rest is going right.

So, there would always be differences in everything and every angle of anything and any purpose. It’s OK because none of us are perfect.

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7 thoughts on “Five Times We’ve All Been A Hypocrite

  1. Me trying to figure out how this post is talking about good and bad people.
    The point of this post is to point out modern day hypocrisy in the world, not good and bad people… I guess…‍♂️

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