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Everyday items you need when going out.

Everyone agrees that there are certain everyday items must carry with you, because, sometimes, you can’t just do without them!

Here are three everyday items:

  1. Earphones: This is definitely something you need to carry with you all the time. Need to get out of that unwanted conversation, especially when you’re in a public bus? Check! Ladies, want to ignore those boys that always do psst psst for you on your street? Double check! Sometimes, i do not even have anything playing, i just shove them in my ears, and it does the trick.

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2. Sunglasses: This is another must have item whenever you are going out. Ever been out and just thought, some shade would be good. That used to be me, before i got a cool pair of sunglasses from http://vasiti.com. It is not too late to grab yours.

3. Power bank: I think the worst thing that can ever happen to me is if i am out without a power bank, and my phone dies. Completely dead. You better don’t wait for that to happen to you before you get one from the variety available on http://vasiti.com.

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