Vasiti Career Fest

Employment or Entrepreneurship; What You Need To Know About Vasiti Career Fest

What’s your future ambition?

At one point in our life, this answer was very easy.  Probably when we were in primary school.

But as we grew older, the answer to this question became harder.

Especially when we graduated.

And till this moment that problem is still prevalent.

But not to worry, your favorite Student’s Platform and Nigeria’s Largest Platform for Students is coming to a school near you with the program called “Vasiti Career Fest”

This is not the business as usual boring lectures that are brought to school to bore you to death.

Vasiti Career Fest is different because this is more than just empowerment, it’s a Fest and when it’s a Fest you know it’s about to go down.

And the first school we will be storming with the Vasiti Career Fest Program is Covenant University


Vasiti CareeR University
Covenant University

About Vasiti Career Fest

The event is not going to be business as usual.

That’s right!

Because at the end of the day, one lucky student will be walking home with a whopping sum of money

Told you it wasn’t business as usual.

The Vasiti Career Fest is an event organized for students to position them on the right path to choose after graduation as well as empower entrepreneurs among them.

Industry Leaders and renowned coaches will be addressing these issues and all other pain points faced by students after graduation.

Wait a minute.

I know this might sound like a lot of talk but hold on while I share the perks of the Vasiti Career Fest.

At every University the event is held, one lucky student entrepreneur will be getting a huge sum of money as support while some students will also walk home with giveaways and some freebies.

Believe it…The Vasiti Career Fest is anything but usual!

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