Campus Gist: See The Exam Question That Confused FUTA Students

FUTA is on our radar on today’s edition of Campus Gist

Exams are literally a student’s nightmare.

Not the worst though

Even the ones who read and are tagged “effiwe or nerds” don’t enjoy it.

Except the “ITK” ones.

Yeah, I might be wrong but Exams are known to have twist and turns.

Some will leave you sweaty.

Ask a Unilag Student about their current exams to verify…

While some exam questions will make you feel like you won the lotto especially if it’s exactly what you read.

But for the students of the Federal University of Technology, Akure (FUTA) in the Department of Meteorology & Climate Science who wrote the MET 415 Exam and saw a “bible verse” question.

What they felt was utter confusion!

Here is a screenshot of the “Bible Verse” Question given to the FUTA students

The trending exam question has sparked outrage from students who think it is unusual.

What do you think?

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