5 ‘OMG’ Excuses Your Partner Will Give For Cheating

‘I didn’t mean to do it, I was just testing my ability’

You’d be shocked at the crazy excuses people make after we have caught them cheating!

So today, we have compiled five crazy excuses people give after we have caught them. Some of these excuses will leave your jaws dropping!

That said, let us dive right into it.

It’s Because Of You I Cheated

relationship cheating

So you just come to realize that your boyfriend has cheated on you and he goes ‘It’s your fault that I cheated, If you had given me more time and attention, I wouldn’t have cheated.’ Please, what does that even mean?

No, No, No, It’s Network Problem

Cheating relationship

Have you ever called your partner and then you hear someone else at the background? You’re certain she’s with another man but she goes ‘No na, It’s network problem’. Well, It could be network, what do I know?

We Only Shared A Moment

Relationship Cheating

Caught red-handed and bae goes, ‘we only shared a moment. It was just a onetime thing’ A onetime thing with the ex? Please, please, please where’s the exit door?

For Real Tho, She’s Just My Friend

relationship cheating

Do men and women maintain a healthy friendship? well yeah, but hey when your partner is always with that other one girl all the time, so you should look into that. Again, what do I know?

It’s The Work Of The Devil

Relationship Cheating

Epic excuse! This is the most used excuse when we have caught them! They just go ‘It’s The Work Of The Devil’ Please how? Did the devil… You know what, It could just be the devil, what do I know?

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What’s the craziest excuse you’ve heard?

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3 thoughts on “5 ‘OMG’ Excuses Your Partner Will Give For Cheating

  1. lol. True talk. People make the dumbest excuses. Some say “It was a mistake” or “I can’t xplain, everything just happened so fast”

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