5 Embarrassing Awkward Moments You Will Experience In Life

Awkward Moments

We have funny awkward moments we want to share with you…

Would you agree with me that man is probably the only living being ‘extremely’ conscious of many normal life processes?

Okay, too much English. Now imagine that you are in an interview and you want to fart, so you try to hold it back but just as you try and try, a little of that smelly air seeps out and disturbs the whole surrounding. Awkward right?

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So wasting no more time, we have compiled a list of the top five most embarrassing Awkward moments you will never forget. Everyone has experienced these at some point in their lives.

Hi… Bye… Moments

Awkward Moments

We can agree that we have all been through this. It may suck but we all have we just end up making a fool out of ourselves. You see someone waving and you think they are waving at you; you wave back but only to realize they’re waving at someone else.

Oh Okay… Moment

Image result for oh okay gif\

This is a heartbreaking moment. I repeat this is extremely heartbreaking. You just heard a hilarious joke and you feel the need to share it. So you share this joke but they don’t get it, so you explain the joke, and they all go ‘ohhh Okay.’ #heartbreaking

Fart Suspect…

No… Not Me… Not Me

There are sometimes when it’s all in your head, but there are also sometimes when it’s not. You have just farted and you pretend it’s not you, but everyone is looking at you with the certainty that it was you.

Pull/Push Moment

Awkward moments

We’ve all been there. That moment when the door says pull, but you keep pushing for it to open. Then that one security guy comes over and just pull it open.

Awkward Moments

When you’re the only one who misses the joke…

Do you have any awkward moments? You can share with us by using the comment box below.

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  1. hehehe… The one time I was singing with my earpiece on… A friend was recording me… I felt like a star, the mumu shared it on her story, I sounded so fuvking terrible

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