+18 Series: Awelewa (The Pretty One)

Awéléwà, the pretty one.

Awéléwà, the one with the ocean blue eyes if you are not careful, you’d get lost in the depth of it.

Awéléwà, the one with voice so sweet like honey.

Awéléwà, the one with body so perfect I think Olódùmarè spent an extra time moulding her beautiful curves.

Tonight, as usual, Awéléwà grabs the pole with the hands of a professional, twirling seductively around it in her usual Ànkárá thongs and stilettos.

I watched as she expertly grind her well rounded hips against the pole before crawling like the seductress she is to the man handing her wads of Naira bills.

Was it the alcohol?

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I have no idea but I could have sworn I felt her eyes on me so I looked to the pole and there she was in all her glory slowly gliding her hands over the voluminous mould on her chest down to her pelvis.

I choked on my drink and watched as she smiled and sent a wink in my direction.

“I should drink more it will make my vision blurry” I said to myself as I downed the bottle of vodka in front of me.

Awéléwà moved stealthily like the snake she is slowly running her hands over my chest.

“I think you’ve had enough to drink” she said her voice sounding like music to my ears.

I shake my head vigorously remembering my wife who patiently awaits my arrival.

Come, forget your wife and let’s dance to the rhythm of our bodies.

Let me treat you to a meal of Iyán and obè ègúsí and afterwards treat you to a meal of me.

Come, rest in my bosom and use my chest as your headrest.

Come, let me show you a night of unending pleasures.

Let me consume your mind and hold your body in captivity.

Let us swim together in the ocean of our passion.

Come, let your lips melt the ice between my legs. She said smiling seductively while touching herself.

“Awéléwà! Awéléwà mi” I replied my speech slurred.

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